An Aggressive Litigator for you

LA is beautiful, but don’t get cheated and don’t get hurt out there. But if you do, call “L.A.’s Legal Pit Bullâ„¢”. He’ll lock his jaws until you get the best possible resolution of your legal problem in California!

 Wolfberg & Wolfberg PC is a family-owned law practice in business for decades licensed to practice law in all courts of California. In practice since 1994, Daniel Wolfberg specializes in civil litigation. His over 25 years of legal expertise in Los Angeles cover many specific areas of law, but Wolfberg & Wolfberg specialize in civil litigation.

Civil litigation is the process in which civil matters are resolved in a court of law. Civil litigation is settling disagreements with renumeration for harm done. Civil litigation is fighting over the money. Civil matters are most often a person or corporation in a dispute with another person or corporation.